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Vorherige 10

13. Feb 2009

Muddy wita GUN

Sleep is for the WEAK!

...or not...

Its currently 05:35... yet another all night/late night job for meeeeeee.

Its not that I can't get to sleep, though that is sometimes the case... mainly its because when I have been sleeping, and even before this starting happening, I was sleeping for like 10 to 12 hours.
How, I like sleep as much as the next person, but not that much. Espeically when I used to work just as well on 6 to 8.

I think thats the issue, it just seems like a big time waste to me. At least way I can paint and stuff while watching stoopid amounts of NCIS...

Speaking of which I'm like more than half way through season three... and hate took a strong dislike to some of the main characters...  but yet I still find myself watching it... odd.

Anywho, back on topic, I realise that part of the problem stems from the fact I'm not working at the minute. But I do have to say I am liking the Night Owl thing... the day is just... too normal. Too busy.
I like being up late at night, cause its... quiet. It just feels different and nice.

The problem then is doing it too often.... because if it happens too much, it'll lose the feeling... because it'll start to become normal... at least from my point of view.

I've also been sleeping a lot in my clothes lately too... not like in a bum sort of way, I mean, I wash, shower and change when I wake up and what have you, its just, I actually bloody wak the hell up if I'm dressed.... its annoying in big way really.
I mean, I went through FIVE alarms this mor.... yesterday morning. FIVE... and its not that I don't hear them... I just smack the sleep button... suriously... FIVE alarms over the period of 3 hours... they must have gone off like 30+ times. (The time frame being from 07:00 to 10:00) 
I woke up just after 12... and only because I had to be up....

*sips HUGE mug of tea* 

Well, heres to a pleasant day.

3. Feb 2009




I went for a run... I 'm pretty sure it was about a mile, at best.... and I was fucked. It took me longer to recover afterwards, and not only that I was coughing my guts up for about 30 minutes afterwards >:(
Honestly though, I knew my fitness was bad after I haven't been able to do any since August, but shit... Its a lot of work to do.

Still, I figure if I can keep this up for a week or so (Even if it is only a mile) it should start to get my lungs back in shape at least.
I've also started to do swimming, and so that should also help at least :) 

I've stopped Kendo, at least until I'm in a position to spend money on it. As to be honest, I'd much rather spend what little I have on Swimming.

29. Jan 2009


Charlie Brooker...

...is a god.

This is all I will say on the matter.

25. Jan 2009


"This Isn't easy to admit, but I'm afraid"

“Get back up, what are you waiting for this time? “
I’m over playing with this plight
But I’m still handcuffed, ball-gagged, facedown to the floor
And I’m waiting while I’m hating what I’m waiting for

It’s time to take ahold of what belongs to me
It’s time to walk away with no apologies
These voices in the mirror start quietly
And now they’re screaming back at me

Don’t back down
Holding on until my hands and mind are bleeding
This is my birthright
I’m so sick of feeling like I’m helpless
This is over tonight

Don’t back up, your ass is to the wall again and
Aren’t you sick of wasting so much time?
And yes it’s true you’re a fool if you think you were born
To be waiting while you’re hating what you’re waiting for

How could have I been so earthbound
with my heart in the depths and my face in the ground?
it’s time to uproot myself and move on

How could have I been making sound
When my mouth and my lungs had both fused to the ground?
it’s time to uproot myself and move on

The voices in my head have all begun to sing
(the voices in your head have all begun to sing)
and they sure as hell hope I am listening
(I sure as hell hope you are listening)

20. Jan 2009


Owwww ankles... totally out of...


Kendo + After pub visit + Missing of last Metro to get me back into Town to get my connecting metro = 6 mile walk back home in -0 or less temp.


Actually... I did enjoy it, bar the fact my ankles are like "OMG!! SURIOUSLY , LIKE WTF WAS THAT!?? WHY!!?"

Still, it wasn't so bad, I did it in about an hour and 45 minutes, so, it wasn't as long as I thought it would be really.


19. Jan 2009

Dancing Foxeh



Mind you, now it needs painting. ^__^ 

18. Jan 2009


Book meme

1. Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
2. Turn to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post that sentence along with these instructions in your LiveJournal.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

"This means that many Flash Git mobs are outcasts, booted out of their tribes for giving th Warboss too much cheek or just being a bunch of smug show-offs."
-Current Ork 40k Codex.

15. Jan 2009


(kein Betreff)

Woot woot, Iaido tonight. ^__^ That should be interesting. Going to be paying and handing in my British Kendo membership, so at least that will be out of the way. :) 

In other news, the job hunting isn't going so well :/  So bad in fact, that I might have to consider supermarkets again. >_<  I can hack I think, now that I've had a massive break, but, the problem is, if I only get part time, they'll want me to work nights, and considering I'm trying to start Kendo and what not, thats hardly a good thing.
Still, if I can get a contract that allows me Monday nights and Thursday nights off, I can always opt out of Sunday work... so it might not be all that bad after all.
After all, I have to go back to the Byker store at some point, as I need to get my last payslip and P45. Actually, I might do that today...

11. Jan 2009


(kein Betreff)

omg... its like.... 07:07... and I have just finished watching Samurai Champloo.

Mummy, can I haz sleepz now? 



9. Jan 2009


I Bleed on your Panini!


.....urm... HI!  :D

Well, you know what they say about laughter and the soul....


Well, so how are things within the Glorious Nation of Tyler? 
Okay actually. Thanks for all of you who offered support after the other entry, it means a lot. I think I'm pretty much over it all now, and so I can start getting on with it all.

I'm still working on looking for a new job though I've either not heard back yet, or not found anything suitable as of yet. Mind you, I need to make sure my CV is all sorted out and proof-read.
I had thought of going to the TA  centre on Tuesday to re-join, but after yesterdays climbing session with Darren and Francis my ankle is a little sore. It's nothing bad, but it is a pain that wasn't there before I went climbing, which suggests my ankle isn't quite up to taking a series of beatings yet. Still... maybe it is just that its weaker than what it was before August, and so maybe I need to start going running again? Build up the strength in my ankles.

In other news.... well... I'm not sure there is much really XD 
I've got a lot of model making work on at the minute. I need to get 1500 points of Orks, and 1500 points of Space Marines done for July 3rd and this years LO Meet. So thats about 174 days away.
Plus I might be doing some commission work for someone. So, in regards to model making - Busy busy busy!


Vorherige 10